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We are recruiting agents at provincial, municipal and county levels

Item/TypeProvincial Agent Municipal AgentCounty Agent
CoverageProvince-wideMunicipal and lower-level marketsCounty and lower-level markets
Self-owned outlets60 stores of Class B and above20 stores of Class B and above at municipal level80% of stores of Class B and above at county and lower levels
DistributorsLower-level distributors cover cities in the whole provinceLower-level distributors cover 80% of countiesLower-level distributors cover 80% of townships
Business principle

Strong awareness of terminal operation and market development

Business scope

Agents should mainly deal in major daily chemical products, with a professional sales management team and good terminal point operation and maintenance.

Financial view

Agents should be able to provide sufficient capital for brand development, with good financial conditions and no bad records.

Sales service

Optimal warehousing/logistic system, standardized pre-sales, amid-sales and after-sales service mechanism.

Operating status/credit standing

Legal operation, good credit standing and business conditions, with a trend of growth, a good reputation in the industry, and no law-breaking or rule-breaking activities.

Public relations

Agents should have good PR capabilities, and able to respond to and deal with emergencies in a timely manner.

Investment hotline: 0772—2068144, Ms. Huang

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