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LMZ’s 6th Session of 8th Employee Representative Meeting successfully held


LMZ’s 6th Session of 8th Employee Representative Meeting successfully held

Achieving remarkable results and fighting to fulfill the dreams

On January 20, LMZ's 6th Session of 8th Employee Representative Meeting was held in the conference room on the 7th floor of the company building. Nearly 120 people including company leaders and official representatives and nonvoting representatives from all departments attended the meeting. The meeting was chaired by Lei Xun, vice-chairman of the company’s Trade Union, and deputy director of the Technical Center.

At 8:30, the meeting commenced in the magnificent national anthem.

At the meeting, Lin Zuanhuang, deputy secretary of the Party Committee, Secretary of Commission for Discipline Inspection and president of the company, made a work report entitled “Fight for the Revival of LMZ through Reform, Innovation and Cohesion of Power" on behalf of the leading team.  

Mr. Lin comprehensively summed up the company's work in 2015 in five aspects. Firstly, new achievements have been made in industry transformation and upgrading, with accumulated growth momentum. Secondly, there have been new achievements in capital operation, and new breakthroughs in financing. Thirdly, the progress of system and mechanism reform has been speeded up to effectively stimulate vitality. Fourthly, the management foundation has been consolidated and the management level has been improved. Fifthly, corporate culture has been vigorously promoted to enhance cohesive and centripetal forces.  

Mr. Lin pointed out that in 2016, the company will adhere to the principle of “deepening reform, promoting innovation and development, accelerating the pace, and improving quality and efficiency”, and the working approach of “focusing on improving per-capita efficiency and benefit, deepening system and mechanism reform, accelerating product innovation, marketing innovation and system innovation, attaching equal importance to industrial operation and asset operation, improving economies of scale, and creating a good pattern of development”. It will focus on five aspects, i.e. “accelerating innovation to promote rapid industry growth; continuing to explore the asset potentials; continuing to deepen system and mechanism reform; constantly strengthening corporate management; and building an excellent corporate culture”.

The representatives attending the meeting carefully listened to the report, took notes from time to time, and had a group discussion.

At the meeting, Zhong Chunbin, secretary of the Party Committee and chairman of the company, responded to the proposals of the representatives, and delivered an important speech entitled “Winning and Development”. In his speech, Mr. Zhong summed up the company’s progress since 2013, especially since 2015, and analyzed the four major difficulties and challenges faced by LMZ. He required all cadres and employees to watch out for six awareness risks, including “invisible dangers, grandiose aims with deficient abilities and talking without practice, benumbed by success, waiting for others to save them, putting personal will above the company, and failure to keep up with the company’s development pace”. How can LMZ overcome the difficulties? Mr. Zhong said that we must innovate and keep an eye on the goal, i.e. to comprehensively stop loss in 2017. Mr. Zhong pointed out that every task including daily chemical upgrading, paper sector transformation, and private equity placement was not easy, and even very difficult. But we have made a breakthrough, and now all employees must strengthen their determination and confidence in development. According to Mr. Zhong, there are still a lot of difficulties in fulfilling our goals and missions. We must overcome such difficulties, make constant improvement, and usher the spring of LMZ with reform, innovation and breakthrough.  

At the meeting, the advanced teams and individuals of the company in 2015 were also commended, and the company leaders presented the awards to the winning representatives and individuals.  

Furthermore, the representatives unanimously passed the resolutions of the meeting, and also passed, by means of voting, the proposals on renewal of the collective labor contract, wage collective agreement, and special collective contract on special benefits for female employees, etc.

Mr. Zhong and other company leaders respectively signed the 2016 Target Assessment Responsibility Letter with the heads of the responsible functional departments, subsidiaries and business divisions.


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