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Liuzhou Mayor Wu Wei visited the company


Liuzhou Mayor Wu Wei showed full support for LMZ’s new glory during his visit to the company

On the afternoon of January 14, heads of the Municipal SASAC, Development and Reform Commission, and Planning Bureau, led by Wu Wei, deputy secretary of Municipal Party Committee and mayor of Liuzhou, visited the company to conduct a survey, which was attended by leaders and relevant department heads of the company.

In the company of Chairman Zhong Chunbin and President Lin Zuanhuang, Mayor Wu successively visited the company’s cultural gallery, product exhibition hall and toothpaste production workshop, while he got to know the company’s development history, product development and market sales in detail.

Afterwards, Mayor Wu’s team and the company leaders had a discussion in the conference room on the 5th floor. On behalf of the leading team, Mr. Zhong briefed Mayor Wu on the company’s core values such as visions, business principles and product concepts, reported the company’s new achievements in reform and development in recent years from four perspectives including industrial development, capital operation, exploration of asset potentials, and system and mechanism innovation, and described the development goals of LMZ for the next five years. In particular, Mr. Zhong briefed Mayor Wu on the difficulties in LMZ’s current development, and also proposed corresponding solutions and suggestions, hoping to receive support and assistance from the municipal leaders and relevant governmental authorities.

After listening to the report, Mayor Wu said that he had learned a lot from and was very inspired by this visit to LMZ. In the opinion of Mayor Wu, the achievements of LMZ today rely on its constant independent innovation, constant increase in market share, and the approach and ideas of its leading team. He hoped that the company could continue to grow in scale by enhancing product development, strengthening independent innovation, and actively expanding the market. Mayor Wu said that as a national brand and national treasure, LMZ had always received high attention and strong support from the Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government, and he would also fully support LMZ in its future success. Mayor Wu hoped that the company’s leading team could further optimize and integrate the business sectors based on the actual conditions of reform and development, and conduct in-depth research regarding how to turn losses into profits as soon as possible, and realize the goal of becoming bigger and stronger. The company must overcome the difficulties on the way to constantly consolidate and improve its performance. On behalf of the Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government, Mayor Wu thanked LMZ for its contribution to economic and social development as well as social harmony, and sent his best regards for the Spring Festival to the company and all its employees.

At the end of the meeting, Mr. Zhong, on behalf of the leading team, said that the determination and confidence of the leading team in promoting reform and development remained unchanged, and the leading team would strive to realize the revitalization and development of LMZ with a more pragmatic style, a more open mind and greater courage.


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