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Post-doctoral Research Workstation

In 2002, upon approval of the Ministry of Personnel, LMZ established the first post-doctoral research workstation in the toothpaste industry, which is committed to studying the application of traditional Chinese medicines in personal and home care products.

As a way to train high-level technological talents in China, the post-doctoral system proposed by Academician Li Zhengdao and supported by Comrade Deng Xiaoping was implemented from 1985, with significant results after more than a decade of development. The corporate post-doctoral system is a new form of doctoral system, and mainly involves setting up post-doctoral workstations at enterprises (hereinafter referred to as “workstation”). The enterprises provide funds and recruit post doctors together with the entities which have set up post-doctoral research mobile stations (hereinafter referred to as “mobile station”). The purpose is to use external high-tech talents to help the enterprises tackle urgent technical problems.  From a macroscopic perspective, the corporate post-doctoral system helps the state to resolve financial difficulties, so as to train more high-tech talents; from a microscopic perspective, it mainly helps the enterprises to tackle technical difficulties, and cultivate their own technical team by means of project research, thereby improving the enterprises’ research capabilities, helping them to build a long-term partnership with research institutes. Of course, it also plays a significant role in improving the enterprises' comprehensive competitiveness and enhancing their corporate image.

As a form of research with little investment and quick output, the corporate post-doctoral system has quickly been accepted by a large number of enterprises. Within just a few years, hundreds of large and medium-sized enterprises applied for the establishment of the workstation. By virtue of strong economic strength, high attention paid by the leaders, and an optimal research system, our company established a post-doctoral research workstation upon approval of the Ministry of Personnel on October 16, 2002 ([2002] No. 97 document issued by the Ministry of Personnel), and became the first enterprise in the toothpaste industry with a post-doctoral research workstation.

Ever since its establishment, our workstation has successively recruited and trained 3 post doctors in conjunction with the post-doctoral research mobile stations of Fudan University, Chengdu University of TCM, and Guangxi University. Currently, 1 person is staying at the workstation. At the time of recruitment, the workstation provides each post doctor with two post-doctoral tutors and at least 2 test assistants with bachelor degree or above and many years of working experience, in order to guarantee the project quality, and train young technological talents through the post-doctoral system.  At present, the post-doctoral research workstation undertakes 1 provincial-level research project, and 2 station owner research projects.  It has obtained 3 national invention patents,  and published 15 academic papers, among which 6 were published in key periodicals, 10 were included in the CSSCI, and 1 was included in the SCI.

The post-doctoral research workstation of Liuzhou LMZ Co., Ltd. recruits various kinds of post doctors all year round. Please contact the company’s post-doctoral research workstation if you are interested.

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