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Social Practice Base for Primary and Secondary Schools

Education is the future of a country. Liuzhou LMZ Co., Ltd. became one of the first 16 “National Social Practice Bases for Quality Education of Primary and Secondary Schools”. LMZ is always on the way to strive for better education.

Quality is the life of a company. A quality society is the foundation for building a harmonious society. In order to foster the quality awareness of the next generation, and popularize social practice activities related to quality education, the state selected 16 enterprises as “National Social Practice Bases for Quality Education of Primary and Secondary Schools” in 2011, among famous enterprises with brand advantages and a high quality management level in various Chinese industries. These enterprises should assume social obligations for quality education of new citizens. LMZ became the only enterprise in Guangxi to be included in this list. LMZ is always on the way to strive for a better future for the motherland.

Ever since 2011, LMZ has opened up its factory to allow visitors to see its efficient and safe toothpaste production process and scientific and precise quality assurance system. It has received more than ten thousand primary and middle school students from all over China, allowing them to perceive the importance of quality to individuals and society when witnessing the “birth” of toothpaste, thereby writing a new chapter in the new citizen course for children.




Picture (United Camp) ---- On July 31, 2015, the Summer United Camp for National Secondary Vocational School Students carried out a social practice activity at LMZ to start their journey to the culture of traditional Chinese medicines.



Picture (Wantanglu Primary School) – March 29, 2012 was the Happy Visit Day for students at Liuzhou Wantanglu Primary School. 350 students happily took part in a social practice activity for quality education.



Picture (Weigh it) – “Weigh it to see if the quality is satisfactory”


Picture (Magical traditional Chinese medicine) –students marveled at the magical Chinese medicine of radix zanthoxyli

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